Helping low and middle class to thrive and find stability during crisis and vulnerable times


Your support enable dignifying and hopeful opportunities for disadvantaged people in third world countries and those who are facing crisis and vulnerable times.


Protected by Angels created this program to help individuals and families in need to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through any business idea they may have. In that way, they not only will solve their problems just for once, but they will build a steady and long lasting income based in their self-employment creation. With your support, we can provide them with the basic supplies to start their dream business.


Protected by Angels help people going through temporary difficult situations, providing them with one-time support. Sometimes anyone can have vulnerable times when something unexpected happens like losing a job, a family member passes away, or an expense that wasn’t expected. Here is where we can give them a hand.


We have created this program to help those seeking souls who are looking for support and inspiration. Our goal is to awaken self-love and self-esteem and for participants to experience whole body wellness. We aspire to open a path for people to recognize all that is beautiful in the world; beauty that many have never known. 
Our highest intention is to teach that happiness can be found within ourselves, that all of us are empowered and that miracles can happen when we observe life from a point of view of optimism and hope. 
Our Self-Realization program includes yoga, journaling, meditation and much more. Donations allow us to share our program and schedule free classes for those who are ready to attain balance and inner peace.

Usually in our daily lives we have more than enough food, a comfy bed to sleep, opportunities, love, and many other blessings that we take for granted and don’t even realize we have. But also, outside there are many people who don’t even know what they are going to eat today or how they are going to deal with their day. We also may have vulnerable times when something unexpected suddenly happens and is there when we need support. With the idea to help people in need is how Protected by Angels was born, paying back and showing gratitude to life for our infinite blessings. We believe that working together with you we can do a big difference in the world and that’s why we invite you today to join us in our vision where everyone can have a life full of love, opportunities and with the basic needs covered to have a life full of purpose and shaking out their fears. 

Cesar & Carmen Vasquez