Your privacy matters!

About your personal information

We collect personal information in the following cases:

  • When you contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • When you give a gift or become a donor.
  • When you participate in an event or any other activity.
  • When you visit our website, we store cookies on your computer as established in our cookie policy (please see below).

We will save your information as long as our relationship with you is active or longer if we have to do it by law

The personal data you provide is securely recorded in our database and we will never sell, rent or lease that information.

Protected by Angels is responsible for safeguarding your privacy and will always do it according to the data protection laws that apply.

Your personal data will be preserved until necessary and after that will be deleted according to applicable procedures. You can ask for information deletion when it is incorrect and when processing your personal data is not longer needed.

Any changes to our privacy policies will be updated in this website every time they are implemented.

About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are saved in your computer when you visit our website and help us to learn how our website is used and then improve your experience on future visits. Cookies do not contain any kind of personal data and are used mostly to track, personalize, and save information about each user’s session. They are also used for technical traffic measurement and analytics.

If you prefer not to have our cookies stored in your computer, you can delete them manually or change your browser settings to turn off cookies.

Please note that not allowing cookies can limit our website functionality in your computer.