We envision a world where everyone can feel loved and safe, have their basic needs met and feel connected with their inner power.

Protected by Angels is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Our organization focuses on helping low income and middle class individuals and families find stability during crisis and vulnerable times. Protected by Angels provides empowerment through the yoga philosophy, entrepreneurship, and one time support in order to instill security and dignity in the lives of the people it serves.


To plant positive seeds in the world. One child, one person, one family at a time. Protected by Angels is more than just giving, it’s about serving with our hearts.


A safer and peaceful world where every person experiences abundance in their basic needs, feelings of love, self-realization, and sense of joy.


Protected by Angels is strongly committed to the values of dignity, self-realization, hope, respect, service and community.


To be a life-changing resource for all identified individuals. If you wish to help us expand our mission to serve all who seek our support, please consider becoming a Protected by Angels Sponsor or donor.

Make a difference and support us. One person, one family at a time.


Protected by Angels was born from a husband and wife’s own life experiences. After starting a new life as immigrants, they faced numerous challenges and overcame many difficult situations. After some time, they were able to secure a safe and stable life and it was then that they felt the call to share with others the abundance they had come to feel in their lives. Protected by Angels will grow from a dream into a reality, thanks to your support.

Protected by Angels is registered in the State of California and has operated in Orange County, CA since 2020. We are in the process to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since inception, we have been dedicated to helping identified individuals and families overcome crisis and vulnerable situations so they may live dignified lives with their basic needs met. Thanks for helping us help others!

Your Support is Crucial